If you haven’t seen this already, you have to. It’s SO SICK. Ken Block tearing up the streets of SF


Kiteboarding underneath the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.

(Source: OpticArousal on reddit | http://extremist49.tumblr.com)

"Riders are awesome": all kinds of sick stunts!

(Source: LaurentxSnow on Youtube | http://extremist49.tumblr.com)

HUGE waves in Tahiti. You’ll have to click around a bit to get to the action.

Cliff-diving in Bermuda. They catch some major air! Go to 0:50 for the action.

(Source: btmclown4 on Youtube | http://extremist49.tumblr.com)

You don’t want to miss this one. Extreme fishing is a sport, right? Make sure your sound is on

(Source: Sarah Brame on Youtube | http://extremist49.tumblr.com)

Awesome building to base jump off of! The Skypark in Singapore.

(Source: snowdrum on Vimeo | http://extremist49.tumblr.com)